Core Language For Adults

Han Adult 1, 2 & 3

This class is designed for parents who do not speak Mandarin and who wish to provide additional learning support for their child. We focus on Pinyin, tones and simple phrases you can speak and practice with your child. Fluency will take time, however! The goal is to enable you to follow along with your child’s class materials and compliment them in Mandarin when they do a good job!

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Express Chinese for Moving/Traveling Parents (private tutoring)

This class is designed for families who will be relocating or traveling to China. You will learn the essentials for survival in China. Topics include self-introduction, numbers, date and time, seasons, how to order food, transportation, shopping, and cultural dos and don'ts.

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Staff Corner – Leanna Lin

Leanna Lin – Training Manager 1. What is your favorite color? Sky blue 2. How would you describe yourself in three words? …

Benefits of Learning Language While Young

Children Learn A Second Language Naturally Exposing your child to a second language while young allows him or her to optimize …

Supplemental Material Recommendations

DVDs for learning Mandarin: (1) Little Pim (2) Better Chinese: (3) …