Teaching Approach

At Planet Han, our goal is to help each child be comfortable in conversing in everyday Mandarin in various degrees within one year. The success of our program is based on our novel and proven teaching approach called

M.A.T. – Model.Action.Talk.*

– where children use the language the majority of the time in the classroom. This exciting methodology has been modified and used successfully to teach young children in multiple settings including a nursery school on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.


Teacher introduces new vocabulary words, sentences and questions


Children put these words into action through movement, song, play and artwork


Children repeat and practice in an engaging format

Staff Corner – Leanna Lin

Leanna Lin – Training Manager 1. What is your favorite color? Sky blue 2. How would you describe yourself in three words? …

Benefits of Learning Language While Young

Children Learn A Second Language Naturally Exposing your child to a second language while young allows him or her to optimize …

Supplemental Material Recommendations

DVDs for learning Mandarin: (1) Little Pim (2) Better Chinese: http://www.betterchinese.com/My-First-Chinese-Words.html (3) …