Why Planet Han?

Our Proven Approach:

Model.Action.Talk. is a proven teaching approach for language. It makes learning Mandarin fun and effective! Moreover, our classes are small to maximize individual attention to each child and our teachers are experts in Mandarin, skilled and nurturing.

Our Support:

Mandarin takes more than an hour a week to learn. We provide you the support your child needs to succeed including pre- and post- audio lessons emailed directly to you and take home materials that review daily classroom topics.

Our Commitment:

We want your child to succeed in speaking Mandarin! We expose your child to real life experiences outside the classroom and provide your child with his or her own Chinese name which they will learn to pronounce and write.

Staff Corner – Leanna Lin

Leanna Lin – Training Manager 1. What is your favorite color? Sky blue 2. How would you describe yourself in three words? …

Benefits of Learning Language While Young

Children Learn A Second Language Naturally Exposing your child to a second language while young allows him or her to optimize …

Supplemental Material Recommendations

DVDs for learning Mandarin: (1) Little Pim (2) Better Chinese: http://www.betterchinese.com/My-First-Chinese-Words.html (3) …