Fluent Core Language 1

FL-1 - recommended age: 3-5 years old

FL-1 (Fluent Core Language Level 1; recommended age: 3-5 years old)

This course is designed for fluent speakers who are not yet writing. Each week, we will introduce a short rhyme or poem through games and other activities. Fun games are played to engage and encourage students to recognizing Chinese characters. Simple writing, math concepts and patterns will be introduced. Required weekly homework will include memorizing and reciting class materials, forming sentences verbally and recognizing 10 Chinese characters. Optional writing homework will be given to those who are ready to write. There must be someone at home who can support the student’s homework and supplement their weekly learning. One test will be given each semester.

Note: A student must be enrolled in an FL class at least 2x per week during the week.

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