Preschool Prep – Mornings – 3x per week


UES Location – Fall

A caregiver must stay at our premises the entire class time.
20-30 months old Preschool Prep (must register for at least twice a week)

This is a 90-minute class for 20-30months olds who are transitioning to our drop off preschool program. Caretakers are required to wait outside the classroom for the entire duration of the class. This is a mini preschool where we follow a condensed version of the preschool structure.  This class provides a 100%
immersion in Mandarin.

This is a 6 months curriculum students can switch to drop off preschool any time once they can separate without tears.  Students are required to attend twice a week.   Topics include colors, my body, my family, my school, weather, seasons and other fundamental themes.

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