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Supplemental Material Recommendations

DVDs for learning Mandarin:

(1) Little Pim

(2) Better Chinese:

(3) Little Dumplings Disney Movie: The Secret of the Magic Gourd 2007 (with Mandarin, Cantonese, English Language option on the same DVD)

Ipad Apps:

(1)  Write Chinese with correct stroke order:  World Tracer Learn Chinese Nanaimo Studio @2011 (age 5+)

(2) Study Pinyin Blighty Studio @2011 China publishing house group (age 6+)

(3) My First Chinese Hongen and Technology Co. Ltd. (once they know who to touch screen)

(4) KTdict+C-E (English dictionary with flashcard trainers) by Klaus Thui (age 5+)

(5) lovechinese-xiao-bao-bao-xue

(6) guang-zhou-hong-bo-culture: jing-dian-you-sheng-tong-hua

(7) For iPad apps, download the ones created by Donut Chinese School.  They have a number of apps in different themes my kids love them too.

Learn Chinese (mandarin) MindSnacks

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