Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum stresses daily practical usage. We believe children will be better motivated and rewarded when they experience Mandarin on a daily basis. It could be as simple as your child saying “I love you” in Mandarin to their grandparents.

We believe that children learn best through hands on experience. We use puppets, games, movement, art, crafts, bean bags, flash cards and even chopsticks to reinforce language!

Songs are another key element of our curriculum, especially for 2-3 year olds as they learn best through singing and music. We adapt preschool favorites such as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star with Mandarin lyrics.

The use of songs gradually decreases for older age groups. It is replaced with rhymes and poems, sentences and questions. We focus heavily on the Tones and “Pinyin Alphabets” as that is the key to mastering conversational Mandarin.

Each lesson is tailored with the children’s natural progression in mind. Our curriculum is a four year rotation and unit based.

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