"Planet Han is a wonderful school and nurturing environment.  My daughter loved her time there and her Chinese improved dramatically thanks to her diligent, kind and patient teachers.."

Mother of 6 year old Arabella


"We love being part of the Planet Han family. I was concerned that my toddler would have trouble learning the language because my husband and I do not know any Mandarin, but she is speaking in full sentences after just 14 months in the preschool alternative program. She even ordered water in a restaurant and asked to buy books in a bookstore in Mandarin when I took her to Chinatown! The Model Action Talk method really works!"

Mother of 8 year old Clementine and 4 year old Cosima Ho


"Being a native Chinese speaking parent, our son's ability to communicate in Chinese has been one of our top priorities ever since he was born. We have researched many Chinese teaching institutions in Manhattan prior to having our son attend Planet Han, however, it was obvious that Planet Han offered exactly what we were looking for. We are extremely grateful to Irene and her teaching staff for their dedications and compassions to teach our son.  After two and a half years of studying Chinese at Planet Han, our son who has just turned six can speak, listen, read, and write in Chinese fluently. Our son could read and write better than me when I was six years old living in Taiwan. This remarkable outcome is beyond what I have imagined or thought even possible when he started. I would highly recommend Plant Han to those parents who are committed to their children's Chinese language learning."



"Planet Han has been such a positive experience for our family. The staff is extremely professional and organized but also very gentle with the students, particularly those toddlers for whom this may be both a first separation experience and an introduction to a new language. We are so glad we found this unique and engaging option for our daughter."

Father of 3 year old daughter


"We have had an amazing partnership with Planet Han.  The school is intimate and supportive - the teachers and Irene know how each child is progressing and how to motivate them to succeed.  Aidan is excited for summer camp to begin again, this time for Lego building in Chinese!"

Mother of 5 year old Aidan